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The perfect (healthy) Builders’ Tea

I used to drink up to 10 cups of tea a day (and wondered why I couldn’t sleep). These days I have one or two but, a bit like having the odd bit of cake,  they have to ‘count.’ This tea not only tastes amazing but is the healthiest combination I have found for ‘real’ tea; unbleached teabags and – finally – a plant based milk that works well with either tea or coffee. 

1 tea bag per person
Oatly Barista to taste
Boiling water (ideally filtered)

1. Depending on whether you are using a pot or just a cup, add enough boiling water to warm it through (let it sit for about 30 seconds)
2. Empty the water out of the pot or cup, add the teabag/s and add freshly boiled water
3. Let it brew for a few minutes (I like it strong so I also stir the pot or squeeze the teabag)
4. Shake the Oatley Barista and add to poured tea, a little at a time, until you have the ideal colour/strength for you.

There is no doubt I am obsessive about tea – but when you taste this you will be a convert if you love your cuppa! 

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