Private consultations

The first step in your journey to health is a free, 15 minute discovery call to discuss your main health goals.

We can discuss the best way forward for your situation and book an initial consultation if you are happy to proceed. The consultation can be done in person or via Skype and lasts for 90 minutes. It includes the following:

  • Taking a detailed medical history
  • Gathering information about symptoms and body systems under stress
  • Assessing your current diet, lifestyle and any supplements you are taking
  • Reviewing any recent, relevant medical test results
  • Ordering functional tests, as appropriate. They may not be needed at this point but can be useful if a more detailed evaluation would be beneficial, with a full explanation of the rationale

Following this consultation I will put together a diet and lifestyle program to suit your own particular needs and circumstances. Your budget, likes and dislikes and any restrictions such as time available will be taken into account and you can move forward at a pace to suit you. Appropriate supplement advice is also supplied.

Whilst not obligatory, a follow-up appointment is advised 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation. This is recommended for everyone because, even for relatively simple to address issues, there will inevitably be a little more fine tuning for optimum results. It also helps in terms of accountability to help you get the best out of the process. Between the initial and follow up appointment I will contact you to check how you are getting on and help with any queries or difficulties if they arise.

Longer term support

Many clients see significant changes between the initial appointment and follow up, especially if they are keen to make more dramatic changes to their diet and lifestyle. Others may wish to make changes a little more gradually and/or their health situation may be more complicated. For clients in this situation it is beneficial to have more regular support in the form of short, weekly phone calls, such as the Premium package. This includes an initial consultation, follow up and four phone calls over 3 months.  

Public speaking

Over the past 25 years Liz has presented at many events and conferences on a variety of topics. Her passion for nutrition is evident and motivational. Her aim is to make diet and lifestyle changes an exciting prospect, with practical tips and advice. She believes that good health and energy is within everyone’s reach and should be a sustainable and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking for a speaker on quick and easy steps to getting healthy, weight management tips for lasting results, women’s health, anti-aging or another health related topic, please contact us for further details.

Corporate wellbeing

​Even a relatively ‘minor’ issue deprives us of our full potential – both inside and outside the workplace – leading to greater absenteeism, stress levels and reduced productivity.

Whether you are interested in having a program of several sessions to support staff wellbeing or a one-off talk or workshop, we can tailor it to suit you and your staff.

The programs are designed to help you and your staff have increased energy, reduced stress levels and generally ensure you are more vibrant and enthusiastic, with lots of practical tips for both inside and outside the workplace. A workplace wellbeing program can help bond the team and make them feel more supported and cared for.

Contact us to discuss a workplace wellbeing program that fulfills your needs.