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Rainbow salad

It is good to get as wide a variety of colours of fruit and vegetables in your diet as possible as each has specific phytochemicals, all with their own health benefits. This salad has the following colours: Green, white, orange, purple, red and black. If only I’d had some fresh sweetcorn…

Ingredients (adjust amounts depending on how many you are serving)

– A mix of leaves of different colours – here I used a combination of Little Gem and Radicchio)
– Grated carrot
– Diced red onion
– Diced red pepper
– Sliced cucumber
– Broccoli sprouts
– Pitted black olives
– Chopped chives

Arrange on a plate and serve with your choice of dressing. (Here I used a dill and Dijon mustard dressing)

You can also top with pumpkin seeds for some extra crunch

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