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Healthy ‘Horlicks’

When the weather turns chilly there’s nothing like a mug full of something warm and comforting. I start to crave a mug of Horlicks in front of the fire, but the real deal is full of sugar and contains dairy and gluten.

One of my clients also loved Horlicks so i was on a mission to try to create something that was similar but not unhealthy. In fact, the Ashwaghanda powder in this version is actually good for you.

Ashwaghanda is an adaptogen with a significant reported amount of health benefits, including helping us to tolerate stress better, neurological benefits, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-arthritic.

1 teaspoon Ashwaghanda powder
1 mug plant based milk (I use Oatley Barista with a little water added to thin it slightly)
1 teaspoon of good quality honey (eg Manuka or local)

– Put the Ashwaghanda powder into a mug
– Stir with a little of the cold plant based milk to the consistency of a runny paste
– Bring the rest of the milk to just about a boil but not a rolling boil
– Stir in heated milk to the rest of the mixture in the mug
– Add honey to paste.


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