Growing for Health E-book

Find out the many ways you can use plants and gardening to support the your health, your family's health and the health of the planet.

A growing number of people are waking up to the fact that our current way of living is not doing us any favours, health-wise. More of us than ever are succumbing to chronic physical and mental health issues and these are not just confined to older generations. 

Our planet is suffering too, with an increasing number of species either extinct or close to it. Climate change is making its effects more and more apparent, which is not only a concern for our generation but those who follow us. 

The soils our crops are grown on are horribly depleted resulting in produce that has a fraction of the nutritional content it would have had a few decades ago. This affects not only our health both directly and indirectly. 

There IS something we can do...

By using plants and gardens in a more targeted way, we can help mitigate much of the above, especially if as many people as possible played a large (or even small) a part as they could. That is why I wrote this e-book and made it accessible to anyone, completely free of charge. It is fully referenced, easy to follow and will give advice and (I hope) inspiration, regardless of whether you are an experienced gardener, a complete beginner or even if you haven’t got a garden at all!

Please feel free to share the message with whomever you feel would be interested.