Workplace Wellbeing

Even a relatively ‘minor’ issue deprives us of our full potential – both inside and outside the workplace – leading to greater absenteeism, stress levels and reduced productivity. 

Many people in the workplace are having to work longer hours with, often, a reduced workforce  and this is having an impact on both mental and physical wellbeing, with stress levels and depression being at an all time high. This obviously has an impact on enjoyment and enthusiasm which, in turn, impacts productivity and sales. Even if just one member of the small team is either absent or suffering from reduced energy levels, it places an even greater burden on the remainder.  The smaller the team, the worse the impact. 

Companies who prioritise workplace wellbeing enjoy a greater degree of loyalty and motivation as well as an improved sense of  being part of a team.

Whether you are interested in having a program of several sessions to support staff wellbeing or a one-off lunch hour talk or workshop, we can tailor it to suit you and your staff.

The programs are flexible and will help you and your staff have greater vitality and enthusiasm. We recognise that everyone is starting from a different place and the programs are designed to take this into account with practical, easy-to-implement tips both within and outside of the workplace. .

Contact us to discuss a workplace wellbeing program that fulfils your needs