7 Day Plant Based Immune Support Plan

Good Immune Function is Vital For a Long and Healthy Life

Good health and longevity relies on having an immune system that functions optimally. This helps us to fight off anything from a cold to more serious infections and to keep any rogue cells in check on an ongoing basis.

Ideally, we want an immune system that responds swiftly to acute threats, such as colds and flu, but not to get out of control – for example in many autoimmune conditions. 

Certain vitamins and minerals play a key role in supporting immune  function and the recipes contained in this 7 day meal plan have been especially chosen to include a range of these, as well as avoiding ingredients such as refined sugar which has been shown to have a negative impact on your immune system. 

What's in the 7 day Plan?

The 7 day meal plan is primarily plant based but even meat eaters will not feel deprived. It contains the following:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for 7 days
Ideas/recipes for two snacks per day so you will not feel hungry or deprived
Lifestyle tips shown to support healthy immune function
Batch preparation of some meals to help you save time

Not only will this help your immune system it will get you into healthier ways which, in turn, will impact other aspects of your health in a positive way